Elevra is a level 2 air dragon. He belongs to Tiamat.


Tiamat has not yet written anything about his dragon.


Hey Tiamet... You are the oldest & the senior most player in this game… I am a Newcomer... I just join this game in July 2014... I know you are a adventurer now... & I am a newcomer... I don’t have the authority to comment on your profile... Rather I really think you’ll be so humble to help me... I have 2 dragons & I want to rename them... You have 3 dragons with different names. They are really awesome… But I am not able to rename my dragons… Please help me… PLEASE… You can help me by chat, by commenting on my profile or by the board… PLEASE help me… Your help will be appreciating. :-)
That's so cool! You just got this dragon,and I can't wait to see what it looks like when it hatches.
This is a little hard to read man but i'm sure u'll raise this dragon with a lot of care

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