Triacanthos is a level 34 fire dragon. He belongs to Tiamat.


Fire dragon. Name takes from Gleditsia triacanthos, tree with spikes:)


Hey Tiamet... You are the oldest & the senior most player in this game… I am a Newcomer... I just join this game in July 2014... I know you are a adventurer now... & I am a newcomer... I don’t have the authority to comment on your profile... Rather I really think you’ll be so humble to help me... I have 2 dragons & I want to rename them... You have 3 dragons with different names. They are really awesome… But I am not able to rename my dragons… Please help me… PLEASE… You can help me by chat, by commenting on my profile or by the board… PLEASE help me… Your help will be appreciating. :-)
Does it have any kids? Still cool though.
That is a cool dragon and everything Cara said is wrong! Polland Huh! Cool! Hey dragon rider, I lived in Alaska for 6 years.
sick dragon man just like Tiamat :) from golden sun right?
wow! nice dragon! i have 1 on my hatcher56 acount and dragon1 acount! but they're not neerly as awsome. hey, i never asked you but what state do you live in? i know it's a wierd question but i want to talk to someone outside of the state of alaska! i haven't been out of state so it would be cool to at least talk to someone over the internet out of alaska. oh' by the way i heard about rumors in the lower 48 that you guys think we ride polar bears and live in iglues. that is stupid! yea i know it gets cold but we don't live in antarctica! that is a realy cold place! in the winter it got to atleast 30 below. yea you think it's cold but when you've lived here your whole life, you get used to it.. type me back! bye!
i got tht one1! trolls live under bridges and shes the troll UNDER ur COMMENT!
Ignore the troll under this comment, that dragon's awesome.
Weird name and loks ugly

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